Automatic Vison Defect Inspection System


  • Minimum defect detection capacity up to 0.5um
  • Applicable for different wafer size (2"/6"/8"/12")
  • Recognize defects including dirt, scratches, abnormal size,  heterochromatic, line shortage, etc.
  • Automatic loading & unloading (optional), each batch of 25 pieces, automatically testing & generating testing results
  • Automatically identify wafer code and generate the testing reports
  • Mark abnormal chips with ink (optional)
  • Different modules apply for different accuracy requirements
  • Customize defects size and AOI region
  • Software architecture platform, function modularization; highly adaptable
  • Detection parameters adjustable. Key parameters such as defect size and tolerance of different colors defined in each region can be adjusted through the interface or configuration file
  • Customize vision system: choose different hardware & software modules according to different precision requirements
  • High performance to cost ratio

Changeable magnification

Fixed magnification


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