ETSC Europe participated at ECOC 2018 with its new released OFDR instrument

This year, ECOC 2018 took place in Rome from 24th to 26th September. ECOC is the key meeting place for everyone in the fibre optic communication technology industry, as a core optical technology supplier, ETSC Europe joined the exhibition with its own-developed products.

From 100G high speed photonics integrated chips, 100G optical components/modules, silicon photonic chips and to OFDR instruments, ETSC’s wide-range products have successfully drown many visitors’ attention.

Especially, ETSC’s own developed OFDR instrument- OCI series which is the highlight during the show. OCI-series is designed to obtain space-resolved reflection information inside a fiber optical component, such as a photonics integrated circuit (PIC), silicn photonics chips for diagnosing quality or design issues. Unlike the traditional OTDR instruments, OFDR instruments provide higher accuracy, higher spatial resolution and no dead zone. Without any doubts, OCI series’ release provides industrial users one more option for quality control. Besides OCI series, fiber sensing cables, narrow line-width laser (minimum of 3kHz) have also caught many visitors’ eyes.

ETSC Europe’s coming up events will be Laser World of Photonics Munich 2019 and ECOC 2019 Dublin.

For more product information, please check ETSC Europe’s website at

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