Wafer/ Chip Packaging and Testing System
High Power Wafer Test System

High Power Wafer Test System



WAT-226 High-power wafer testing system adopts a closed vacuum chamber, which gathers moving components, heating components, cooling components, wafer chucks, probe stations, probe arms and other components used for testing in the closed vacuum chamber. This safe and stable test environment can meet the safety test requirements of extreme conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, high voltage, and high current. Moreover, it can protect devices from physical damage and pollution such as oxidation, condensation, frost, and arc breakdown.


The system is suitable for SiC/GaN, the third-generation semiconductor high-power wafer testing.


  • High vacuum and low deformation cavity design

  • Strong voltage: > 10 kV @ 1mm

  • High current : > 600A

  • Temperature control range: -60ºC to 300ºC (Support a wider range of customizationt)

  • Vacuum: <1e-4 Torr

  • Options of high voltage and high current probes

  • Option of end-to-end testing solution services

Self-developed core components

High current probe

  • Curved design of high current probe head

  • Flexible needle design

  • Single row 600A

  • Double row 1200A

  • Adjustable probe holder


High voltage probe

  • Tungsten needle tip

  • Ceramic Needle Arm

  • High voltage > 20kV


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