ETSC Technologies Europe is a professional Photonics solution provider established in Louvain-la-Neuve since 2014. We provide wide range of optoelectronic devices for scientific research and industrial applications in the fields of optical fiber communication, laser sensing, teraherz imaging and laser processing.

Great service through worldwide partnership

ETSC works with its partners from worldwide to support clients all around Europe. These partners are NTT-AT, IRDAION and SURUGA SEIKI.

Not just a solution provider

ETSC is not only a solution provider but also but also a developer.
In 2016, we released our own developed distributed fiber sensing interrogator-OCI-1500 using OFDR method for optical link diagnostic and temperature/strain measurement. This device can be applied to civil engineering such as pipeline, construction, aerospace, automotive, et cetera. It can also be applied to optical fiber communication to detect the structure of PICs, such as the defects of micro bends, splicing points.
In 2017, we have developed a component burn-in system-LHX series which can measure the life circle of PD, LD and APD from chip to component level.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide great service and keep developing novel systems to support various applications of our clients. We believe that with our experience and through our present and future collaborations with other photonics specialists throughout the world, we can bring a one-step-ahead technology to the Photonics industry.