MEMS Chip Design and Development Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for MEMS sensor chip layout design, structural design, process confirmation and development;
  2. Responsible for the simulation of MEMS sensor chips, using finite element analysis software for multi-physics simulation, writing simulation programs, etc.;
  3. Responsible for the development of MEMS sensor chip process flow, including laboratory process verification and mass production process development and optimization;
  4. Responsible for microscopic analysis of MEMS sensor chips, using SEM, X-RAY, etc. for chip failure analysis;
  5. Maintain close contact with the foundry, and commit to promoting the MEMS production process from prototype to mass production;
  6. Analyze MEMS product data in production and engineering tests, verify MEMS process changes, design and execute engineering tests to solve process problems or optimize process performance;
  7. Assist in completing the design, testing and verification of related module-level products.


  1. Doctor degree or above, major in electronics, microelectronics, MEMS or semiconductor materials;
  2. Proficiency in using MEMS layout design software for layout design, with related work experience in plate making and plate casting;
  3. Proficiency in using related design and simulation software for chip structure design and finite element analysis, including thermoelectric, fluid, piezoresistive, piezoelectric and other multi-physical field simulations;
  4. Understand the conventional MEMS process of chip processing, such as photolithography, etching, coating, etc., and be able to formulate the processing process of chip samples;
  5. Ability to test and analyze chip performance indicators, experience in MEMS pressure chip design is preferred.