Silicon Photonics Chip Project Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the development and testing of integrated device and chip projects;
  2. Responsible for review reports, formulation of DFMEA, document writing, related to product development
  3. Product development revision, process optimization, proposal and design of cost reduction plan;
  4. Responsible for tracking and solving problems in the R&D and trial production stage of the product;
  5. Patent output.


  1. Doctor degree or above, major in optoelectronic science and technology;
  2. Experience in data center, silicon photonic chip design and tape-out, rich experience in design and tape-out of grating coupler, SSC coupler, MMI, Spliter, high-speed MZ modulator, high-speed Ge/Si PD, etc. is preferred ;
  3. Proficiency in using mainstream optical waveguide design software such as Luceda, Lumerical FDTD and Phenix Software;
  4. Proficiency in using HFSS or other high-frequency transmission line design software;
  5. Proficiency in using semiconductor carrier analysis software such as Atlas;
  6. Able to use Matlab to model the simulation results of the above three types of software, and output the chip performance simulation results;
  7. Proficiency in using L-edit or other software to draw silicon photonics chip layout;
  8. Understand the various processes of CMOS tape-out, and be able to follow up the silicon photonics design tape-out process.