LCM series Benchtop Laser Diode Controllers

Description LCM series Benchtop Laser Diode Controllers is a combination of current source and temperature controller. The current source has 0~500mA/2A adjustable output current with high stability and low-noise, the 16W temperature controller provides a wide working range...
High Precision Dark Current Measurement Module

High-precision Dark Current Measurement Module

Features Modular design Provide multiple constant voltage source and measure nA current at the same time The current detection value is used for online monitoring through the communication interface Support a variety of communication interfaces, such as RS-232,...

High-power DFB Laser for SIPh Coupling

Description A high power, narrow linewidth in MHz level Distributed feedback (DFB) laser with fiber output power exceeding 120Mw. Optional wavelengths in CWDM bands: 1270nm, 1290nm, 1310nm and 1330nm. Features High Power DFB Lasers Output power > 120mW...

OSM-4200 Four-Channel Light Source

Specifications Wavelength 1270nm/1290nm/1310nm/1330nm Power 0~70mw Power stablity 0.01(0.5h)~0.03db(4h) Power Supply Voltage 220V AC Fibre Output Port FC/APC Dimension 361mm*275mm*133mm Downloads OSM-4200_ETSC Europe