1030~1180nm DFB Lasers

1240~1310nm Quantum Dot Lasers


QLD1x6x series are single mode DFB lasers with high power capabilities in a 1000 to 1180nm wavelength range. These lasers are mounted in a standard 14pin butterfly package with an optical isolator. The package is pigtailed by a polarization-maintaining optical fiber (PMF). These DFB lasers show excellent single mode stability and are suitable for both CW and short pulsed operations.

The features are ideal for a seed light of a fiber laser system for precise material processing, gas sensing, SHG (second harmonic generation) applications combined with PPLN (Periodically Poled LiNbO3), etc.

Picosecond pulsed driver is available for evaluation and development of picosecond fiber lasers.


• Wavelength 1030, 1053, 1064, 1120, 1180nm etc

• Short pulse operation(picosecond, nanosecond)

• Wavelength 1030, 1053, 1064, 1120, 1180nm etc

• Embedded isolator

• Picosecond pulsed driver

• 1060nm gain chip for tunable lasers


Product Number Wavelength (nm) Power (mW) LD Type Package
QLD1061-3030 1030 30 DFB 14pin Butterfly
QLD1061-5330 1053 30 DFB 14pin Butterfly
QLD1061 1064 30 DFB 14pin Butterfly
QLD1061-6430-11 1064 30 DFB 14pin Butterfly
QLD1061-7030 1070 30 DFB 14pin Butterfly
QLD1161-xx30 1120/1180 30 DFB 14pin Butterfly
QLD106D-64D0 1064 400 DFB 14pin Butterfly
QLD106G-3010 1030 10 DFB 14pin Butterfly with SM/PM connector
QLD106G-6410 1064 10 DFB 14pin Butterfly with SM/PM connector
QLA1x61-xxA0 1064/1122/1188 100 DFB/SOA 14pin Butterfly
QLD103E-6450 1064 50 DFB To-56
QLD1051-6410 1064 10 DFB COAX-Pigtail
QLF101A 1160 Gain Chip
QC2D1x6x-xx30 1030-1180 30 DFB Driver Board


• Material processing

• Gas sensing

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