1xN MEMS Optical Switch

1xN MEMS Optical Switch


  • Max SM 1xN configuration is 1×64(Non-Splicing)
  • Max MM 1xN configuration is 1×16(Non-Splicing)
  • The Cylindrical package has direct analog voltage control of the MEMS mirror
  • Proven MEMS durability and reliability
  • Qualified to Telcordia GR-1073-CORE and RoHS
Parameters Value Unit Notes
Insertion Loss Single Mode 1×4/8 ≤0.8 @S dB

Without Connectors @S: 1310 or 1550 or 1625

1×16 ≤1.0 @S
1×24/32 ≤1.2 @S
1×48/64 ≤1.4 @S
Multi Mode 1×4/8 ≤0.6 @S @S: 850 or 980 or 1310 or 1550
1×12 ≤0.7 @S
1×16 ≤0.8 @S
Dimension Φ5.5×15 mm MINI 1×2
Φ5.5×42 SM, N≤16
SM, N≥24
MM, N≤16


1xN MEMS Optical Switch Datasheet

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