CA-1000 Silicon Photonics Chip Auto-Alignment System


ETSC Sip-Chip/Bar automatic test system covers a variety of chips, including passive and active chips. The system uses required instruments to test chip performance indexes, such as IL, ER, RL FSR, Responsivity, etc. Vision algorithm can realize automatic optical-alignment and probe card contact with pad, without human beings’ participation.

The coupling mode includes Grating-Coupler and Edge-Coupler. Response mode could either be optical feedback (power meter) or electric feedback (source meter). Optical-mode the system supports is at least 1.5um, if need be, replacement of motor type can support smaller mode chip test.


X Y Z ThetaX ThetaY ThetaZ
Coupling Stage Travel range >=30mm >=30mm >=30mm >=8deg >=8deg >=8deg
Resolution <= 50nm <= 50nm <= 50nm <= 0.003deg <= 0.003deg <= 0.003deg
Repeatability <= 1um <= 1um <= 1um <= 0.02deg <= 0.02deg <= 0.02deg
Optical-align time <10s for single fiber
<1min for fiber array
Optical-align repeatability SMF-SiPh variation < 0.2dB
Stability 15min < 0.5dB
  1. 2 SMF-Edge coupler
  2. 2 SMF-Grating coupler
  3. 1 1×4 FA-Edge coupler
  4. 1 1×8 FA-Grating coupler
  5. Response: Power or PD


CA-1000 Datasheet

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