CA-1000 Silicon Photonics Chip Auto-Alignment System


CA-1000 Silicon photonics chip auto-alignment system is consisted of sub-micron high-precision motion subsystems, high-performance vibration isolation system and multi-directional visual inspection system.

The system adopts self-developed host computer software, integrates image recognition and artificial intelligence algorithms to realize automatic optical alignment, automatic crimping of probe cards and other operations. The process does not require manual participation, which greatly improves the test efficiency and accuracy, further reduces costs for customers and improves production efficiency.


  • Optical coupling repeatability: <0.2dB
  • Probe/probe card automatic crimping, automatic light search
  • Support small beam diameter chip testing
  • Optional Sensor anti-collision design, accuracy: 2μm
  • Temperature range: ambient temperature ~95 ℃ (support wider range)
  • Compatible with various types of wafer testing
  • Optional end-to-end test solution services, including instrument selection, probe card,FA design selection, etc.


CA-1000 is suitable for testing various types of active/passive components and bars. It meets various application scenarios such as mass production and R&D. With a matching instrument, it can test chip-related performance indicators such as IL, ER, RL, FSR, and responsivity


Main parameters

Minimum die spot1



Coupling repeatability

< 0.2


Coupling time

SMF < 10s, FA < 3mins

Optical power coupling accuracy error

≤ ±0.1


Coupling method

Grating Coupler、Edge Coupler

Response mode

Optical feedback (power meter), electrical feedback (source meter)


  1. The motion subsystem can be replaced to support smaller beam diameter testing.
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