CW Narrow Band Tunable Laser Module

CW Narrow Band Tunable Laser Module


The tunable laser is a DBR laser without a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). Its wavelength can be tuned continuously and flexibly, and can be tuned to ITU channel grids.


  • 14 PIN Butterfly Package
  • High output power,up to 15 dBm
  • High side-mode suppression ratio > 40 dB
  • Wavelength adjust flexibly,tuning range 8-10nm
  • Qualified as per intent of Telcordia GR-468


  • DWDM transmission systems
  • Tunable DWDM transponders and transceivers
  • Dynamic provisioning and wavelength routing in DWDM systems
  • Test and measurement
  • Optical Fiber Sensing

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratings can cause permanent damage to the device.

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Storage temperature Ts -40 85 °C
Relative humidity RH 0 85 %
Laser diode reverse voltage (all sections) Vr 3 V
Laser gain current Ig 250 mA
Grating current Ir 100 mA
Phase current Ip 10 mA
TEC  current ITEC 1.2 A
TEC  voltage VTEC 3.5 V

Electrical Characteristics (Tc=25℃)

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Forward voltage Vop 2 V
Operating temperature Top -5 75 °C
Laser gain current Ig 200 mA
Grating current Ir 80 mA
Phase current Ip 5 mA
Thermistor Resistance Rth 9.5 10 10.5 kOhm
Thermistor sensitivity index β 3892 K

Optical Characteristics (TOP = -5 to 75°C)

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Output power Pmax 15 dBm
Wavelength Tuning Range 8 10 nm
Wavelength Range 1530 1580 nm
Channel spacing (ITU grid) 50 /100 GHz
Number of channels 24/12
Side-mode suppression ratio SMSR 40 dB
Linewidth LW 2 5 MHz
Relative intensity noise RIN -135 dB/Hz
Optical isolation 30 dB


Describe which standard ITU.T grid channel can be tuning. Wavelength can be tuned continuously.


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