High Power DFB Laser for Communication

High Power DFB Laser for Communication


The high power HST-DFB-BF14-x-x laser modules are designed for optical sensing and optical communication applications. These modules incorporate high output power while maintaining high linearity. The narrow line width and the option of using polarization maintaining optical fiber make it especially ideal for external modulation development.


• Standard OC-48 pin compatible

• Narrow spectral linewidth

• Low noise

• Compliant GR-468 reliability regulation


Absolute Operation Conditions:

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Laser Forward Current, Max If(LD) 400 mA
Laser Reverse Voltage, Min Vr(LD) 3 V
Monitor PD Current, Max If(PD) 2 mA
Monitor PD Reverse Bias Voltage,Max Vr(PD) 20 V
TEC Current, Max ITEC 2.4 A
TEC Voltage, Max VTEC 2.9 V
Operation Tempaerature Topr -20~+65
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~+85
PIN Solder Temperature/Period Tsld 260/10 ℃/s

Operation Specification:

Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
Optical Output Power PO IOP = 250mA 40 60 mW
60 80
Threshold Current Ith CW 45 60 mA
Operation Current Iop CW,40mW 250 400 mA
Operation Forward Voltage Vop If = IOP 2 3 V
Spectral Width Δλ IOP = 250mA 150 500 kHz
Central Wavelength λc IOP = 100mA 1548.22 1549.72 1551.22 nm
1551.43 1552.93 1554.45
1554.65 1556.15 1557.65
1557.89 1559.39 1560.89
Wavelength VS Temperature Coefficient Δλ/T Constant laser operation current 0.1 nm/℃
Wavelength VS Laser Current Coefficient Δλ/I Constant laser operation temperature 0.012 nm/mA
Monitor PD Current Im If = IOP 0.1 1.5 mA
Dark Current of Monitor PD Id If = I 10 nA
Side-mode Suppresion Ratio SMSR 35 45 dB
Chip Operation Temperature T 25
Thermistor Resistance Rth Ttherm = 25℃ 9.5 10 10.5 kΩ


• Optical communication, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) application

• Opto-electrical instrument

• Light source


• Optical sensor

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