High-power DFB Laser for SIPh Coupling


A high power, narrow linewidth in MHz level Distributed feedback (DFB) laser with fiber output power exceeding 120Mw. Optional wavelengths in CWDM bands: 1270nm, 1290nm, 1310nm and 1330nm.


  • High Power DFB Lasers
  • Output power > 120mW
  • Linewidth: MHZ
  • 14PIN butterfly package, other packages can be customized upon request
  • Wavelength: 1270nm,1290nm,1310nm,1330nm
Laser work condition
Maximum Unit
Voltage 2 V
Laser drive current 500 Ma
Laser working temperature 0 deg.
Laser storage temperature deg.
Monitor Detector Reverse Bias 10 V
Monitor detector current 20 mA
TEC current 2.5 A
Threshold current 13 Ma
Output optical power 120mW Mw
Center wavelength 1270 nm
1290 nm
1310 nm
1330 nm
Spectral linewidth 2 MHz
Side-Mode Suppression Ratio 35 Db
TEC current 2.5 A
TEC voltage 4.8 V
Thermistor Group Value (25°C) 10
Reflective isolation 30 dB


High Power DFB Laser for SIPh Coupling

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