High-precision Dark Current Measurement Module

High Precision Dark Current Measurement Module


  • Modular design
  • Provide multiple constant voltage source and measure nA current at the same time
  • The current detection value is used for online monitoring through the communication interface
  • Support a variety of communication interfaces, such as RS-232, Ethernet, etc.
  • Measurement channels can be added according to user demands
  • Mainly used in discrete semiconductor device testing, such as resistance, diode, zener diode, PIN diode, BJT triode, MOSFET, SIC, etc.


Circuit Parameters
Voltage range 0-6V positive-negative adjustable (Customizable)
Range of current detection 0.1nA-1000nA (Customizable to 10mA)
Current measurement accuracy 0.2%+0.5nA
Current measurement resolution 10pA
Multi channel 48 (Expandable)
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