High Speed and Low Noise Balance Photo Detector


High speed and low noise balance photo detector consists of two matched ultra-low noise analog photodiodes, a low noise broadband transimpedance amplifier and ultra low noise power supply. Due to high gain, high sensitivity, high bandwidth, low noise, and high common mode rejection ratio, the high speed and low noise balance photo detector can effectively reduce the common mode noise, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the system.


  • Low Noise (10mVpp Typical )
  • High Bandwidth DC~350MHz
  • High Transimpedance Gain 30KV/A
  • Compact Structure 80*80*30mm
  • Customizable Products


  • Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing
  • Doppler Wind Lidar
  • OCT
  • Spectrum Measurement
  • Ns-level Optical Pulse Detection
Item# WBD-100M-A WBD-350M-A WBD-1000M-A Unit
Detector Type InGaAs
Operating Wavelength 1100~1700 1100~1700 1100~1700 nm
Bandwidth DC~100 DC~350 1000 MHz
Typical Max Responsivity 0.95@1550nm 0.95@1550nm 0.95@1550nm A/W
Transimpedance Gain 60K(30K) 30K(60K) 30K V/A
Max. Input Power 100 150 300 uW
NEP 5 5 9 pW/Sqrt(Hz)
Output Impedance 50 50 50 Ω
CMRR >25 >25 >25 dB
Output Voltage Noise 10 (Typical) 10 (Typical) 25 (Typical) mVpp
Output Coupling Mode DC/AC DC/AC AC
Power Supply Voltage 5 5 5 V
Power Supply Current 0.5(max) 0.5(max) 0.5(max) A
Optical Inputs FC/APC FC/APC FC/APC
Electrical Outputs SMA SMA SMA
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