OCI High-resolution Optical Link Diagnostic Instrument

OCI High-resolution Optical Link Diagnostic Instrument


OCI is an ultra-high precision optical link diagnostic instrument. By using optical frequency domain reflection(OFDR) technology, a single measurement can achieve a full range of diagnosis from optical devices to the optical links. OCI’s event point positioning accuracy can be up to 0.1mm, which means it can easily identify macrobends, connection points and break points in the optical fiber links, and accurately measure parameters such as return loss, insertion loss, and spectrum. Moreover, by adding the optional distributed optical fiber sensing function, OCI can achieve high-resolution measurement of strain and temperature.


  • Wavelength range: 1525nm~1625nm, 1265nm~1340nm (Optional)
  • Spatial resolution: 10μm@50m, 20μm@100m
  • Excellent stability, self-calibration without user intervention
  • Measurement range: 100m
  • Extended function for distributed measurement of strain and temperature
  • Software and hardware customization


Optical communication measurement

  • Optical device and module measurement
  • Fiber length measurement
  • Silicon photonics chip measurement
  • Spectrum and group delay measurement

Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing

  • Structural health monitoring
  • Composite material fatigue testing
  • Strain and temperature testing on automobile structure
  • Strain and temperature field reconstruction for other areas


Measurement Range1 50 100 m
Spatial Resolution 10 20 μm
Measurement Time2 <8 <12 s
Sensitivity -130 dB
RL Range -125 ~ 0 dB
RL Dynamic Range 80 dB
IL Dynamic Range 18 dB
RL/IL Resolution 0.05 dB
RL/IL Accuracy ±0.1 dB
Dead Zone
Wavelength Range3 1525~1625 or 1265~1340 nm
Wavelength Resolution 0.015 pm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1.0 pm
Group Delay Accuracy 1.0 ps
Output Optical Power <5 mW
Input Voltage AC 220/110V;DC 12V
Power 60 W
Communication Interface USB
Optical Fiber Connector FC/APC
Dimension 330 x 350 x 160 mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Storage Temperature 0~50
Operating Temperature 10~40
Relative Humidity <90 %RH
Interferometer Delay Measurement5
Measurement Range 50 100 m
Accuracy6 0.1 mm
Distributed Strain And Temperature Measurement
Sensing Length 50 100 m
Spatial Resolution 5 mm
Strain Accuracy ±1.0 με
Strain Range ±12000 με
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1
Temperature Range7 -200~1200
  1. Larger measurement range can be customized.
  2. Measurement time is related to the parameter configuration.
  3. If other wavelength is needed, please contact us.
  4. For options, please contact us.
  5. The length result is obtained by setting specific refractive index.
  6. 0.1mm accuracy is obtained in high precision mode.
  7. Temperature range is related to the material property of optical fiber sensor.


OCI Datasheet

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