OCI-V Optical Vector Analysis System

OCI-V Optical Vector Analysis System


OCI-V is a high-speed optical vector analysis system used for quickly measuring parameters such as loss, dispersion, and polarization of optical devices. The principle involves scanning the device under test with a linear swept light source and using coherent detection techniques to obtain the Jones matrix of the device. This allows for the measurement of insertion loss, dispersion, polarization-related losses, and polarization mode dispersion, among other optical parameters. The system features a unique optical path design and advanced algorithms, enabling intelligent calibration and straightforward operation, leading to significant time savings during testing. It is an ideal tool for optical device loss, dispersion, and polarization testing and analysis.


  • Measurement length: 200m
  • Self-calibration
  • Wavelength: C+L band, O-band
  • Various optical parameters can be captured in one second


  • Planar waveguide device
  • Silicon photonics device
  • Optical fiber device
  • Optical adjustable device, amplifier, filter

Measurement Parameters

  • Insertion loss
  • Group delay
  • Chromatic delay
  • Polarization dependent loss
  • Polarization mode dispersion
  • Jones matrix


Measurement length 200 m
Wavelength C+L band: 1525~1625;O band: 1265~1345 nm
Wavelength resolution 1.6 pm
Wavelength accuracy ±1.0 pm
Dynamic range 60 dB
Insertion loss accuracy ±0.1 dB
Resolution ±0.05 dB
Group delay
Range 6 ns
Accuracy ±0.2 ps
Loss range 45 dB
Chromatic dispersion
Accuracy ±10 ps/nm
Dynamic range 40 dB
Accuracy ±0.05 dB
Range 6 ns
Accuracy ±0.1 ps
Loss range 40 dB
Power 60 W
Communicaiton interface USB
Optical fieber connector FC/APC
Dimension 390 x 350 x 158 mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Storage temperature 0~50
Operating temperature 10~40
Relative humidity 10~90 %RH


OCI-V Datasheet

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