OLI Low-Coherence Optical Link Diagnostic System


OLI is a low-coherence, high-precision optical link diagnostic system based on optical coherent inspection technology. The low coherence of white light is used to realize micro-damage inspec of optical fiber links or optical devices. By reading the peak size of the final interference curve, the return loss in the entire scanning range is accurately measured, then the performance of the optical fiber link in this measurement range can be determined.

The system easily finds and pinpoints breakpoints, micro-damage points and link connection points within the device. The event point positioning accuracy is as high as tens of microns and the minimum optical weak signal is -80dB. It is widely used in fiber or optical device damage detection and the determination of product quality.


  • Ultra-high sampling resolution and positioning accuracy
  • The length of the fiber guide can be customized, which is convenient to match the actual measurement environment
  • Customizable scan measurement length
  • Support multi-channel measurement upgrade


  • Optical fiber microcrack detection
  • Silicon photonic chip, PLC waveguide defect loss inspection
  • FA optical fiber array link performance test
  • Optical device, optical module internal coupling point, connection point performance inspection


Main parameter
Optical Parameter
Wavelength 1 1290 ~ 1330 nm
Measurement Length 2 12 40 cm
Acquisition Resolution 1 μm
Length Resolution 0.1 mm
Measurement Time <10 <25 s
Dynamic Range -10 ~ -80 dB
Input Voltage AC 220/110V;DC 12V
Mainframe Power 60 W
Communication Interface USB
Length of Patch Cord 3 1 m
Fiber Connection FC/APC
Dimension W 345 * D 390 * H 165 mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Storage Temperature 0 ~ 50
Working Temperature 0 ~ 40
Working Humidity 10 ~ 70 %RH
  1. Other wave bands are optional;
  2. Other lengths can be customized;
  3. The lead length can be customized.


OLI Datasheet

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