The principle of Semicon OSI-D is based on optical frequency domain reflection (OFDR), which has the characteristics of high precision and high spatial resolution. Systems combining dynamic algorithms, high-speed demodulation is obtained. And single-mode optical fiber as sensors are low-price to purchase and easy to install.

One scan simultaneously measure more than thousands of sensing points along a single fiber. OSI-D is quite an useful tool for dynamic distributed strain and temperature measurement.


  • Optical frequency domain reflection (OFDR)
  • Measurement range: 2.5m, 5m, 10m, 20m
  • Maximum acquisition rates: >100Hz
  • Sensors: Single-mode optical fiber
  • Four selectable modes (three standard and one extended)
  • 2D/3D shape sensing
  • Supply customized service


Distributed optical fiber sensing

  • Composite material fatigue testing
  • Civil & Construction Engineering: SHM
  • Transformer temperature and strain monitoring


Sensing range1 2.5 5 10 20 m
Spatial resolution2 1~10 mm
Strain accuracy3 ±1.0 με
Temperature accuracy3 ±0.1 °C
Rate4 (Real-time) >100 >50 >35 >17 Hz
Strain range ±12000 με
Temperature range -200~1200 °C
Power AC 220/110V; DC 12V; 60W
Communication interface USB
Fiber connector FC/APC
Size 390 x 350 x158 mm
Weight 7.5 KG
Operating temperature range5 0~50


  1. There are four types of measurement range, any longer lengths needed, please contact our sales team.
  2. The spatial resolution is adjustable. The minimal spatial resolution is 1mm, 1cm of spatial resolution is suggested.
  3. Accuracy ( ±1.0με/± 0.1℃) is obtained under 1cm spatial resolution.
  4. There are four measurements. Three modes are standard with certain parameter setting, the mode of 2.5m is adjustable. For higher refresh rates, please contact our sales team.
  5. Operating temperature range is 0~50 ℃. Optimum operating temperature is 10~40 ℃.