OSI-D Dynamic Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Monitoring System



The OSI-D is based on optical frequency domain reflection (OFDR) technology. Strain and temperature can be captured with mm spatial resolution over the entire sensing fiber. Due to optimized system and dynamic demodulation algorithm, the OFDR technology is extended to real-time and high speed testing application area with acquisition rate above 100 Hz. The system is designed to be suitable for various types of sensors, such as conventional single-mode fiber and weak reflective FBG array, and tens of thousands of sensing points can be simultaneously measured along a single fiber. The system contains four measurement modes which can meet different demands of customers. Shape sensing function is available and customized function is also supported.


  • Sensing length: 20m
  • Maximum acquisition rates: 100Hz
  • Excellent stability by self-calibration without user intervention
  • Suitable for multiple types of sensors, single-mode fiber and weak reflective FBG arrays are suggested
  • Shape sensing can be used for deformation measuring and space attitude tracking
  • Length compensation function is helpful once the optical fiber length changed
  • Customized services for additional parameter configuration
  • Beside the standard size, portable version of OSI-D is optional


  • Structural health monitoring
  • Composite material fatigue testing
  • Strain and temperature testing for automobile structure
  • Strain and temperature field reconstruction


Basic Parameters
Sensing Length 1 20 m
Spatial Resolution 1 0.64 ~ 10.24 mm
Lead Length 2 20 (50 or 100) m
Sensor 3 Various types of optical fibers /
Specific Parameters
Measurement Modes 4 Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Customized Mode /
Sensing Length 20 20 20 40 or 80 m
Rate 5 40 100 60 10 ~ 20 Hz
Strain Accuracy ±4.0 ±4.0 ±1.0 ±4.0 με
Temperature Accuracy ±0.4 ±0.4 ±0.1 ±0.4
Strain Range ±12000 ±12000 ±12000 ±12000 με
Temperature Range 6 -200~1200 -200~1200 -200~600 -200~1200
Input Voltage AC 220/110V; DC 12V
Power 60 W
Communication Interface USB
Optical Fiber Connector SC/APC
Standard Dimension D385 * W345 * H165 mm
Standard Weight 7.5 kg
Storage temperature 0 ~ 50
Operating Temperature 10 ~ 40
Relative Humidity <90 %RH


  1. The longest sensing length is 20m and each mode has appropriate sensing length with spatial resolution from 0.64mm to 10.24mm.
  2. The length of lead fiber is 20m. Longer lead fiber can be extended to 50m or 100m.
  3. Suitable for multiple types of sensors, single-mode fiber and weak reflective FBG arrays are suggested.
  4. Customized Mode is not included in standard, if needed, please contact us.
  5. Measurement rates are related to the numbers of the sensing point. The results are obtained under 10.24mm spatial resolution.
  6. Temperature measurement range is related to the material property of optical fiber sensor. Acrylate optical fibers is used for 0℃~100℃, Polyimide optical fibers for 50℃~300℃ and Au coated optical fibers for -200℃~700℃.


OSI-D Datasheet

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