Semiconductor laser diode aging and reliability testing system

LHX-302-COC/COS Laser Reliability and aging test system

The LHX-302 is an air-cooled, electrically heated, rack-mounted aging system that supports high-density, high-reliability laser for life testing, burn-in testing, and performance testing.

Product Feature

The LHX-302 laser reliability and aging test system provides:

  • Can test up to 1280 lasers at the same time
  • Up to 2A laser drive current per channel
  • Flexible and reliable hot swapping operation, simple capacity expansion
  • Can replace aging drawers for aging lasers that are in different packages
  • APC, ACC and LIV test modes
  • Aging drawer supports measurement for external and/or internal photodiodes
  • Integrated Reliability Sys Control Software
  • Real-time monitoring channel status and test data
  • Can export saved test data
  • Intuitive graphical interface for checking system and test status
  • Can still process saved data during power outages and power cuts
  • The control measurement module automatically saves at least 5 hours of aging data (calculated in 5 minutes/time) in the accident of network failure
Aging power supply
Aging power supply
LIV test system
LIV test system
32-channel COC fixture
32-channel COC fixture
300μm pitch probe repeatability test
300μm pitch probe repeatability test
System capacity up to 1280
Package Type TO-Can, Butterfly, COC, COS, Custom
Per fixture station up to 32
Temperature control
Temperature range +40 – +120 ℃
Temperature control unit single drawer
Temperature control accuracy ± 1.0℃
Temperature Control Stability ± 1.0℃
Laser control
Output polarity Independently parallel output, common cathode, customized drive current
Output Range 200mA (Typical), Customizable to 2000mA
Setting accuracy ± 1% of FS
Output Stability ± 1% of FS
Compliant voltage 3.3V (typical); customizable high voltage
Control Mode Constant Current, Constant Power (Custom), LIV Test
Measurement function
Laser voltage
Range +3.3V (typical)
Accuracy ± 0.1V
Built-in PD deflection voltage (custom) 0 – 8V
Measuring range (custom) 20 – 5000 µA
Stability (custom) ± 5 µA
Front face PD (LIV function)
Wavelength range 400 – 1600nm
Measurement Mode Relative Change Value
Ith calculation repeat accuracy ≤ 3%
General features
Dimension (HxWxD) cm 200 x 130 x 84
Power Requirements 350-420 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50A,Three Phase
System control computer and monitoring software
Computer Pentium 4 core processor, 4G RAM, 10G free disk space
Display 14 inches (resolution: 1024*768)
UPS backup power > 1h
Operating System Microsoft Windows®
System Control Software Reliability Sys
Program code executable program


The stability measurement time is 48 hours.


LHX-302-COC/COS Datasheet

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