Swept Spectrum Analyzer (SSA)

Swept Spectrum Analyzer (SSA)


The SSA is a swept spectrum analyzer that measures the transmission spectral response of optical devices.

The principle is to use a linear frequency swept light source to quickly scan the device under test and combine with coherent detection technology to obtain the spectral response of the device under test, then obtain the loss distribution of the device under test at different wavelengths.

It has a built-in swept frequency light source, which can be used to the secondary development of optical measurement and analysis systems. Moreover, additional measurement of optical parameters such as GD, CD, PDL and PMD can be added to the system.


  • Expandable for a variety of optical parameters
  • Options of C+L/ O band
  • Can be used as a swept Light Source


  • Planar waveguide device
  • Silicon optical devices
  • Fiber optic devices
  • Tunable wavelength devices, amplifiers, filters
  • Secondary development of optical measurement analysis


Insertion loss
Measuring length 1 100 m
Wavelength 2 1525 ~ 1565;1290 ~ 1330 nm
Wavelength resolution 1.6 pm
Wavelength accuracy ±1.0 pm
Dynamic range 60 dB
Insertion loss accuracy ±0.1 dB
Resolution ±0.05 dB
Swept light source
Voltage 3 1 mW
Wavelength 2 1525 ~ 1565;1290 ~ 1330 nm
Wavelength accuracy 5 pm
Scan speed 10~100 nm/s
Side mode suppression rate 60 dBc
Extinction ratio 15 dB
Host Power 60 W
Communication interface USB
Fiber interface FC/APC
Size D 330 * W350 * H160 mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Storage temperature 0~50
Operating temperature 10~40
Operating humidity 10~90 %RH


  1. Expandable measurement of various optical parameters: GD, CD, PDL, PMD.
  2. Scanning range can be upgraded.
  3. Options of higher power version: 2mW/5mW.


SSA Datasheet

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