WI-6500 Automatic Wafer Defect Inspection System


WI-6500 supports 25 wafer automatic-defect inspection systems. 25 6-inch wafers are carried into the system inspection wafer cassette by the shipping wafer cassette, the equipment closes the hatch. The vision system scans the number and position of the wafers in the cassette, and then the robot arm moves the wafer to the pre-aligner to align the wafers. The wafer then will be transferred to the front defect inspection module tray for rapid defect detection and extraction of defective images. After the inspection is completed, the system generates a defect map and simultaneously stores the result in the production line system database for operators and engineers to analyze the situation of defect of products.


Defect detection system
Detection type Brightfield and darkfield
Imaging type Color / black and white
Detection magnification 1.25X, 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X
Defect review Manual / automatic defect review
Measurement results upload to production line system Interface test results with production line systems
Automatic classification of defects Quickly and accurately classify and summarize defect areas, sizes, etc.
Measurement time Each wafer ≤30min (6inch)
Defect capture rate Typical: 99% @3 pixels size defects
Defect loss rate Typical: 1%
Recheck rate Typical: 1%
Anti-vibration platform The device needs to be equipped with a vibration isolation platform to avoid external vibrations
Silicon wafer stage
Compatible wafer size 6 inch / 8 inch wafer
Autofocus The lens is equipped with a Z-axis motor for automatic focusing
XY and rotary stage XY-direction stage is required for inspection and rotation stage is required for calibration
Automatic loading
Equipment loading One wafer cassette at a time, at least 25 wafers one cassette
Pre-calibration Automatic pre-calibration before loading into wafer chuck
Submodule Automatic loading can be used as a sub-module, optional according to user’s needs


WI-6500 Datasheet

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