WIT-220 Wafer Optical-Electrical Characteristic Test System

WIT-220 Wafer Optical-Electrical Integrated Test System


The wafer test probe station can screen bad chips at the wafer level in advance to prevent them from flowing into the back-end process; thus saving the overall packaging and testing cost.

In order to meet the needs of ultra-small spot chip optical performance parameters and high-precision electrical performance parameter index testing, ETSC Group self-developed and launched the WIT-220 wafer optical-electrical integrated test system.

The system integration comprehensively considers the introduction of noise, various vibration sources, movement of cables, materials, shielding treatment, and reasonable space layout design, etc., which can meet the requirements of optical test indicators without affecting the accuracy of micro-current measurement, etc. WIT-220 It is a high-precision optical-electrical integrated test wafer probe station.


  • Machine automatic calibration
  • Automatic crimping of probes/probe cards
  • Support automatic light finding
  • Support arbitrary small spot chip testing
  • Wafer size can be compatible with 12 inch and below
  • Coupling accuracy: 0.05dB~0.1dB
  • Temperature range: -60℃~300℃
  • Optional automatic loading and unloading, automatic defect detection and other customized functions
  • Complete set of testing solutions and services


WIT-220 is mainly used in silicon photonics and other fields. The optical test is compatible with SMF, Lens Fiber, FA, etc.; the electrical test is compatible with DC and probe cards, which can meet various application scenarios of R&D and mass production.


Full automated wafer defect tester based on AI self-learning correlations
Defect Types Scratch, crack, discoloring, debris, DIM errors
Defect Capture Rate 99%
Missing Report Rate <1%
Wrong Report Rate <1%
Inspection Time (full wafer) <30min
Opto-electronic full automated wafer tester
Calibration Visual AI assisted full automated calibration.
Production testing Full automated wafer loader, 25 to 50 wafers/lot
Full Automated
Opto-Electronic Testing
  • Optical testing resolution: 0.05~0.1dB
  • Precision and stable system architecture
  • Electrical accuracy: sub nA
  • Motion resolution: < 50nm
  • Support micron scale mode size testing
Cost / Performance The best fine-tuned system engineered by opto-mechanic and opto-electronic professions for best performance at affordable cost. Performance overbeats industrial similar tools, while saving the user capital and facility investment. System is proven to be robust with multiple functional extension capabilities and friendly user interfaces.


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