X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP)

X-ray Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP)


NTT-AT provides the SiC membrane-based Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP), which has an outstandingly high X-ray irradiation durability. NTT-AT’s FZP is constructed from dry etched Ta. It has a sharp absorber pattern and achieves a high S/N ratio and low defect imaging. It is ideal for applications such as X-ray microscopes, X-ray micro-beam irradiation and X-ray imaging.

In addition, the Ta pattern/SiN membrane-type FZP and Au plated pattern/SiN membrane-type FZP are provided for using in soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet (EUV/XUV) regions. Moreover, a Step (Kinoform) FZP is available.


  • Useful for various X-ray applications such as X-ray microscopes, EUV microscopes, X-ray microbeam irradiation, and synchrotron radiation beam monitors, etc.
  • Outstandingly high X-ray irradiation durability
  • Minimum zone width up to 25 nm
  • Customized FZP also available



Model Aspect
D (um) N Tm (nm)
FZP-S38/84 4.2 SiN 0.15 38 84 550 160
FZP-S50/80 5 SiN 0.2 50 80 400 250
FZP-S40/155 5 SiN 2 40 155 970 200
FZP-S50/330 8 SiN 1 50 330 1,650 400
FZP-S86/416 8 SiN 2 86 416 1,200 700
FZP-100/155 8 SiN 2 100 155 388 800
FZP-173/208 5.8 SiN 2 173 208 300 1,000
FZP-200/206 8 SiN 2 200 206 255 1,600
FZP-C234/2500 0.6 SiC 0.2 234 2,500 2,670 150



* Please note that the specifications may be subject to change without notice.

Rn : Outermost Zone Width

D : Diameter

N : Total Zone

Tm : Ta Thickness

Standard lead time: 12 weeks

Pattern image (φ2.5mm)

(Optical microscope)

Observed SEM image with diagonal angle


Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP) Structure


Binary type

Step (kinoform) type



Minimum zone width (outer most zone) 25nm
Maximum diameter 5mm
Membrane material SiN, SiC
Membrane thickness 0.2-2µm
Absorber material Ta
Absorber thickness 0.1-2µm
Si substrate shape 10mm square
Si substrate thickness 1mm

*We will be pleased to discuss different requirements with you.

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