XUV filters

XUV filters


NTT-AT’s extreme ultraviolet (XUV or EUV) filters realize high-transmittance, high-stability, and long-lifetime for various EUV experiments. This premium quality filters are pinholeless, without support mesh and support film, and having oxidation protective coatings.

Premium free-standing EUV filters provided by NTT-AT is realized high transmittance and long lifetime by coating oxidation protective layers on both sides of the metal thin film.


Filter size: 10 mm * 10mm

Filter thickness: 100 nm

Holder size: diameter 28 mm

List of filters:

• Zr (for wavelength 10 – 20 nm)

• Al (for wavelength 20 – 50 nm)

• Sn/SiN (for wavelength 3 – 5 nm)

• In/SiN (for wavelength 3 – 5 nm)

The size, thickness, etc., will be customized upon request.

Example(Filter thickness: 100 nm)

In our demonstration, NTT-AT’s oxide protected Al XUV filter has 2 to 5 times higher transmittance than that of conventional Al filter, at 3 months after fabrication. This XUV filters will be stably used for a long time owing to the effect of the oxidation protective coatings.

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